Symptoms of Undischarged Traumatic Stress

What happens to the brain when we have something happen that is shocking, scary or unexpected? The brain tries hard to recover into a normal range of activity. Along the way, there may be times when it sticks on or sticks off. Learn more about what that feels like. Later in the series, we will address ways to discharge trauma and return to feeling better.

SibShop hosted by PHP San Jose

Laura Beth loves talking about SibShops at Parents Helping Parents where she has been the therapeutic facilitator for the past few years. The next SibShop is for kids aged 5-7 and takes place on Saturday, February 8th, 2020 at PHP in San Jose. All the information you need is available on the Parents Helping Parents… Continue reading SibShop hosted by PHP San Jose

Boundaries for Caregivers with Special Needs Kids Self-Test

  Have you missed out on important aspects of your family’s life to tend to your child’s tantrums because it was easier than dealing with the potential fallout?   Have you accepted part of the blame for your child’s behaviors? Have you avoided negative issues that should be addressed with appropriate interventions out of fear… Continue reading Boundaries for Caregivers with Special Needs Kids Self-Test

That Feeling of Overwhelm

Do you find yourself feeling sad, angry or afraid and don’t know why?  OR  Are there times when circumstances are sad, scary, or anger-inducing while you find yourself feeling either nothing or you have emotionally distanced yourself from the situation altogether?   Do you find yourself jumping to solutions without carefully exploring and considering all… Continue reading That Feeling of Overwhelm