Self Compassion By Seeing Things Through Fresh Eyes

In week six, we will explore self-compassion through the concept of looking at something as if we are seeing it for the very first time. What if a good person makes mistakes? A person who is bad in one situation is good in others? A situation has good and bad elements? What if we misread an intention? What if we judge someone based on one interaction where that person was having a really bad day outside of our interaction? When we start over with a clean slate, we think differently.

Being More Self Compassionate by Focusing on What is True Right Now

In week five, we are going to expand the self-compassion we touched on last week. We will focus on something that It sounds so easy and yet it is one of the hardest things to do: complete acceptance without judging no matter how bad that thing was and the ramifications that exist today because of it. We are going to look at our worth as a person, our care for others and how we can accept ourselves on those hard days.

Using Mindful Skills to Become More Self-Compassionate

In week four, we will take the skills we have learned in the first three weeks and shift the focus to self-compassion: understanding our unconditional worth, and moving toward thoughts of ourselves that are gentle, supportive and understanding, especially when we make a mistake. This skill is something we can transfer to our children by practicing it in our own lives.

Introduction to Mindfulness

In week one, we will discuss what mindfulness is, how it can help us and our children and pick up a few simple techniques to access mindfulness when we are feeling overwhelmed.