Choosing Self-Compassion Over Self-Judgment

Up to this point, we have learned a lot:

to return to the present moment;

Identify our thoughts and feelings;

Understand the impact of judgment (good or bad) on making wise decisions that guide us to self-compassion;

Balance our thoughts and feelings to maintain curiosity of the value that we have to ourself and others just as ourself;

Look at our thoughts and feelings with fresh eyes so that we don’t bring in new judgment;

Today, we are going to look at a specific technique for removing judgment:

Stuff that’s so old we don’t even remember it’s there;

Stuff that’s so stuck in our current overwhelm that we don’t even know it’s there;

Future judgments that can crop up and reclutter those spaces we clear with wise mind and beginner’s mind

This is going to take some imagination on your part:

First, a few techniques to clear your mind:

Eye movement?  Eyes open-eyes shut?  

Breathing exercise?  

Body scan?  
Object focus?  
Feet on ground or in grass?  

Imagine sitting in a field watching your judgment float away on clouds OR
Picture yourself sitting by a stream watching your judgments float by on leaves

Picture yourself in a room with two doors and watch your judgments enter one door and leave the other

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