Building Our Skills: Moving Ahead from Stuck to Action

Now that all information has been presented and all participants have a safe forum, it is time to move forward from dialogue to actionable decisions

Points to consider:

·         Is the final decision to be made collaboratively or is there a person who has the sole authority to make the final decision?

·         Will the decision maker consider the input of others in the decision or do they have the full authority?

·         If there is no established decision maker, the group must decide how to decide

o   Will there be a vote

o   Will there be a consensus decision? 

Considerations for who should make a decision:

·         Who cares deeply about the decision?

·         Who has the crucial information required to make the best decision?

·         How many people need to be involved? 

Moving from a decision to an actionable plan

·         Each task needs to be assigned to a person or people—otherwise, it probably won’t get carried out

·         Meet each person where you find them

·         Consider strengths

·         Determine timelines and follow up

·         Set up supports as well as boundaries and expectations

·         Make room for ongoing adjustments

·         Encouragement is as important as accountability


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