Primary Caregiver Emotions: Fear of the Present, Past and Future

Fear is generally the first shockwave right after receiving the devastating news.  

  • Fear is often tied to:
    •  a lack of education, resources, support,
    • the caregivers own internal story around personal limitations, 
    • past and current circumstances, 
    • racing thoughts that cause them to forecast catastrophe.  
  • As fear implodes into either denial or worry, it can result in most any of the PCEs
  • Essential that the caregiver moves from fear into a solid understanding of what is expected along with the best- and worst-case scenarios 
  • Fear is mitigated by a plan of action and resources.  

Getting on Top of the Stuff that Scares Us:  Check-in Questions for the Caregiver?  

  • What are some of your own feelings?  
  • How do you separate your stuff from the loved one in your care?  
  • What is working for you?  
  • What is motivating you?  
  • What does it mean to you to be “The Best Caregiver?”
  • How can you move past your feelings of inadequacy?  
  • How can you take care of yourself in the interest of doing the best thing in your role as a caregiver?

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