Primary Caregiver Emotions: Guilt

Caregiver guilt is the product of thoughts that they haven’t done enough for their loved one.  

  • It can be the flip side to resentment that the caregiver has for needing to devote so much time and energy to the person who has a diagnosis, unresolved issues with that person or others in proximity or comparing themselves to other people or situations.  
  • It can also be the result of the caregiver’s own unresolved issues.  
  • There are things that the caregiver can do to gain a healthy perspective and resolve their own issues that will help them to move past the guilt.
    • Take time to grieve
    • Forgive or make amends
    • Own it in a healthy way
    • Acknowledge mistakes
    • Become a deliberate student of your mistakes
    • Consult with others to gain their perspective
    • Become curious

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