Primary Caregiver Emotions: Resentment

Caregiver resentment is a feeling of unfairness or irritation 

  • Resentment often feels sarcastic and justice seeking
  • Feelings of resentment can come on suddenly at the time of diagnosis or creep in over time. 
  • Resentment is often tied to a rising tide of unchecked disappointment.
  • For the reluctant caregiver, caring for a relative more out of obligation than love is a clear path to resentment. 
  • If the caregiver is alone in their role, resentment will often build against those who are not taking on their piece of the load. 
  • For many, however, it’s a general sense of resentment toward the overall situation.  
  • Many caregivers feel guilt or shame about these feelings and therefore, try to stuff these feelings rather than acknowledge to themselves or supportive others.  
  • The failure to process this resentment can lead to conflict, mental and medical stress related illness, addictive behaviors, poor sleep and overwhelm.  
  • A good process provides a safe and appropriate forum for the caregiver to acknowledge and process feelings of resentment.  

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