Putting It All Together: Celebrating Success and Anticipating New Journeys

Benefits to using skilled conversation strategies when communicating with caregiving stakeholders: 

· Reduce stress.

· Make difficult decisions.

· Communicate more effectively during challenging situations.

· Prevent burnout and resentments


Overview of what we learned:

·         When one or more people are very invested, emotions are running high, and the outcome is very important, it is important to remember that it is okay that people think differently

·         Before going anywhere in a conversation, it is important to establish common ground and continue to seek mutual purpose

·         Who, where, when, and what is going on are key to a successful conversation

·         Listening so everyone feels heard and speaking so that others can hear require skills, empathy, curiosity and the ability to put the needs of the group before the needs of the individual. 

·         Sometimes we have to think out of the box to get out of the rut

·         When emotions are running really high for us as an individual, the Healthy Mind Platter helps us to reconnect to what is happening in our mind, body and relationships

·         When we acknowledge our shame, we can move forward to empathy

·         When we acknowledge resentment, we can reframe to disappointment from where we can pivot to hope, peace, wisdom, opportunity

·         Be aware of silence and violence that can come out when we are not feeling safe or lack respect

·         Speak with persuasion, honesty and humility when the content moves toward the controversial

·         Tell your truth in stories that recognize your active participation, ownership and responsibility while recognizing the quality of character and position of others in the conversation

·         As we gather all of the data and move toward a decision, an important consideration is who will be involved in making the decision

·         Once a decision is made, formulation of an actionable plan helps us to keep moving forward and not fall back into unsafe waters


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