The Power of Being Kind

• The Hippocampus is part of our brain that regulates stress and enhances memory
• In times of stress, it actually shrinks so it has less ability to regulate stress so that we start forgetting stuff
• Be kind and direct at the same time…this is what the tired and confused Hippocampus needs
• Choose your words carefully because they often can’t be unsaid
• Practice Progress over Perfection…our best learning opportunities come from tough circumstances…
• Stay with what is happening right now…Always and Never statements take us to the past or the future…the strength in our relationships is right here in this moment with the wisdom that we have gained from past mistakes, not repeating the past mistakes…the future is a place to vision with reasonable hope and a clear trajectory, not a catastrophe…
Question: Imagine this is a defining moment that we will look at many years from now and recall clearly. How can we make this a happy memory?

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