The Power of Focus

• The Hippocampus is part of our brain that regulates stress and enhances memory
• In times of stress, it actually shrinks so it has less ability to regulate stress so that we start forgetting stuff

• Focus on the thing that matters most. Nurturing your significant relationships matters most
• Concentrate on one thing at a time
• Tend to runaway thoughts with presence and curiosity
• Learn to identify your emotions and filter the facts through them.
• How you feel matters and so do the feelings of those who are close to you.
• Consider facts through the lens of feelings and take your time to consider what is really happening.
• Recognize when this feels too hard because that is a good sign that you need accountability or support…a trusted friend or relative, accountability partner or group or professional counselor or support group
Question: Is there something that matters the most right now in my relationships that needs to take priority over all the daily noises?

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