The Power of Healthy Habits

• The Hippocampus is part of our brain that regulates stress and enhances memory
• In times of stress, it actually shrinks so it has less ability to regulate stress so that we start forgetting stuff
The Hippocampus Grows when we nurture our relationships ESPECIALLY in challenging circumstances…
• When there is a tough conversation that needs to take place…
• Work on something together
• Have a “Book Club” where you both read the same book or articles and then make a time to talk about you learned from what you read while avoiding “off-topic” rabbit holes
• Play music in the background while you are talking as this will help you to remain present in the hard conversation
• True story: people who reflect on significant relationships of more than 50 years have a common thread and that is that it was the tough times that provided the most fertile soil and provided opportunities to nurture their relationships
Question: What is a really good habit that you have learned when working with your loved ones on something that is hard?

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