The Power of “No”

• The Hippocampus is part of our brain that regulates stress and enhances memory
• In times of stress, it actually shrinks so it has less ability to regulate stress so that we start forgetting stuff
• Here’s some tried and true and proven by scientists ways to help our hippocampus by nurturing the most important and often overlooked relationship in our lives…
• Say No to Others so that you can say Yes to those who matter most!!
• Filter through the busy and make your relationships a priority
• You owe it to yourself, each other and your family
• Time together is a necessity, not a guilty pleasure
• Remind each other of areas where you have common ground
• Make this time something that you look forward to and see as necessary as a protection for all of the hard stuff that is out of your control
• Bottom line…time together is a healthy habit!!

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