The Power of Encouragement

• The Hippocampus is part of our brain that regulates stress and enhances memory
• In times of stress, it actually shrinks so it has less ability to regulate stress so that we start forgetting stuff
• Find ways to encourage one another
As parents in challenging relationships with our child, we often feel like we don’t do enough, we did it wrong, we did too much, we overthink and are way harder on ourselves than we would ever be on another human being
Encouraging isn’t trying to offer solutions. It is acknowledging how hard they try, how things are outside of their control, that good people make mistakes every day and they are still good people, that we might need a resource (not a solution), or a hug or a safe place to vent. Encouragement is pure and not a backhanded compliment.
Question: What is something that someone said or did for you that didn’t solve your problem but gave you the reminder that you are doing your best in a challenging circumstance? Is there something that you can say to your spouse that might encourage them?

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